We love what we do – even after 40 years, there are still many white spots on our World Map, where we did not show our fantastic tools yet. In this respect, every day presents a new challenge to us. The challenge to deal with business partners beyond our geographical borders and to make EISENKRAFT® available to everybody, who wants to create good metal ornamental design with his own hands, the challenge to meet different cultures and mentalities and the satisfaction to see that our „Startup“ idea, with EISENKRAFT® as a business idea, is very well received everywhere. To cover all white spots is a target, which to tap totally, will probably never be possible – we try hard.  We are not a big organization! In our company everyone knows everyone, our staff is committed to face new challenges every day. Slim production, efficient logistical backup, lean management – this is how we keep pace with globalization and take care of our customers all over the world. We try to listen to them – so many have fantastic ideas, and often these ideas are passed over to our engineering staff and help to improve existing tools or to create new tools. In our lab, our guys than puzzle a while to finally present, what everybody is looking for – PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PROVEN and AFFORDABLE TOOLS. Our business card is our exhibition stand, and our website is our showcase. At our stand visitors and customers are welcome to try, touch, cut, punch, bend, roll, rivet, twist……work. We are proud to be still one of those traditional houses, where everybody is welcome to try before he buys, where we talk to our customers and shake hands, once the deal is done.

We are based in Graz, Austria, but we feel like to be at home everywhere in the world. If you want to see our tools live in action, have a look at our exhibition schedule,………by chance we are close to your place…..join in, we look forward to meeting you!