Spare parts

Do you need a spare part? No problem – On your purchase form or invoice you can find your customer service contact details.

You may find the reference number of the part in question in the explosion drawing in the respective manual. Please order this part at your customer service by phone or email. If this part is to be replaced within the guarantee period, please take a picture and send it by mail or phone to your customer service for approval.

Important: If you send us a mail, make sure not to forget to specify in the field „subject“ your customer number (order number). This helps us and our customer service to identify you as a customer and to make sure that your message does not get lost in the mass of spam mails, which we receive everyday. As a matter of fact and due to many spam mails we receive every day, we do not answer to mails without a specific subject. Mails without a clear identification are removed automatically from our mail server.

Registration: Once you have registered your products, it is easy for us to identify you as a customer and to answer quickly. Your advantage to be registered is a guarantee extension from 2 (two) to 3 (three) years.

Training: When buying a complete EISENKRAFT® system, some of our customer services offer half day training courses. Starting with the best possible setup of the tools on workbenches, step-by-step it is explained, how every single machine needs to be handled. Each participant learns to understand how our tools work and gets familiar with our system on a „learning by doing“ scheme. Some of our customer services offer these courses as a surplus service. This service is not free of charge! If you want us to train your staff, please contact us and with pleasure we will send you an offer.