F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Should the one or other question not be answered to your full satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

What kind of material can be worked with EISENKRAFT® tools?

You can work black mild steel, aluminium and copper. Stainless steel can be bent to angles, rolled to rings or curves and shaped to scrolls. We cannot cut or punch stainless steel. Reinforcement steel has a corrugated surface and should not be used. Frankly spoken: EISENKRAFT® tools systems are aimed to satisfy creative designers who want to shape metal strips to perfection and not to be covered with profane concrete. It is important too not to use the cheapest material available in your market. In some countries melted scrap steel is sold. We recommend avoiding this type of steel, not because you cannot work it, but because you may wonder when rings become oval, scrolls not uniform and angles wrong. Scrap steel shows inconsistent hardness in metal strips, square bars or round bars. If the shape you want to create comes out wrongly, than it is not our tools fault, it is the material´s responsibility!

In your videos and demonstrations in an exhibition everything looks so easy?

Of course we do not forget that we too were once beginners. However, it is important to read carefully the instruction books, to be concentrated by watching the videos and to learn to understand, how EISENKRAFT® tools systems work. Everything is based on leverage. Don´t be afraid to damage anything, while working. Who e.g tries to cut with the PS bigger metal strips than stated in our manual, will soon understand that due to the tool´s construction it does not work and that he has to pass to the MC5/2. The same happens with all the other components of our system. As a matter of fact you can roll, bend or rivet with your P3 only max. material sizes as stated in our manuals, and in case you need to work bigger sized material, it is necessary to pass onto the MC5/2.

Can I use the tools without any prior experience?

It does no harm bringing in some experience, but yes you can start without any experience. It is easy to get familiar with our tools watching carefully the supplied video tutorials. Step by step, starting with the setup of the tools up to how to handle them, all functions are explained in a very comprehensive manner. All manuals are very detailed and show everything in five languages (German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese). The supplied USB flash drive includes any possible information, on how to install the tools, their handling, necessary maintenance and and countless design ideas to inspire you – to be successful!!

What is the needed space to set up an EISENKRAFT® Workshop?

This depends very much on the floor plan or the space where you plan to produce. We recommend a minimum area of 15 sqm (app. 160 sqft). If it is bigger, it is even better. Normally a garage has the perfect size to set up the workshop if you plan to do a one-man show. EISENKRAFT® consists of indipendent but complementary components. The idea behind is that if necessary, a serial production can be set up, which easily can result in unbelievable high productivity. While e.g. one operator cuts metal strips to length with the MC5/2, another operator shapes these strips to scrolls with the MF3/7. In the meantime, another operator produces baskets with the MT3. Operator N° 4 is assembling all these parts. Producing on such a scale, orders can be completed very fast and delivery time is reduced significantly.

What is the recommended workbench size?

This too depends on the floor plan of your production area. Generally spoken, we recommend installing both sets, the MEISTER SET and the PRACTICON SET on a working surface of 240 x 160cm each. Our EM – Multicombination tool should preferentially be installed on a smaller but heavy workbench to avoid vibrations while embossing or end forging. The USB flash drive includes recommendations to workbench sizes and pictures of possible tool setups.

Do you supply design templates to reproduce?

Yes, we supply design templates rated from easy to more complex on our USB flash drive. They are to be considered a perfect starting aid to learn, how to become quickly familiar with your new equipment and to see a fast return on investment. Recommendation: The internet is a fountain of countless design ideas – nevertheless, please respect the copyright of other designers!

Do you offer training courses for EISENKRAFT®?

We know from our experience that it is not necessary to train your staff. However, on demand we offer this service too.  On purchasing an EISENKRAFT® tools system, some of our After Sales Service Partners offer an introduction course, on how to set up and operate the tools. Sometimes we find the time to train customer during the exhibition at our stand. It does not take much! If you want us to train your staff, please let us know, with pleasure we send you an offer.

Why should I register?

By registering on our Website, you extend your guarantee of your EISENKRAFT® tools system from two (2) to three (3) years. Simply click on „Product Registration“ or the  button „3 Years Guarantee“, and carefully fill out the registration form. By clicking on “I accept terms and conditions” and then on “send”, your guarantee will be automatically extended. We assure  that your data will be handled confidentially and will not be passed to third parties. Your information will be strictly used for statistical analysis only.

Does the guarantee cover all parts of the tools?

The guarantee covers all parts – except consuming parts, such as punch pins, cutting blocks and embossing heads. Excluded from this guarantee are parts, which suffered damage by obvious misuse and wrong handling.

How can I claim my guarantee?

Within the guarantee period of 2 (two) years we will remove free of charge, against presentation of the original purchase invoice or copy of the purchase contract, all damages or defects, which can be proved to be based on material failure or inaccurate workmanship. Guarantee can only be claimed, if the tools have been used and maintained according to the operating instructions.

Where can I buy spare parts?

With your EISENKRAFT® system you receive a copy of your purchase order. On this purchase order you find your order number. This reference number is necessary to claim our guarantee service. All tools are supplied with a manual. This manual contains a parts list. Please check out the spare part number and order the needed part at your After Sales Service.