Sales Philosophy

You buy or order EISENKRAFT® tool systems at the absolutely best price guaranteed during an exhibition we are participating in. Why? One of the reasons is because we do not stock goods in other countries. Where ever we participate in an exhibition, we can rely on the backup of an After Sales Service. This ASS imports a number of tool sets before an exhibition starts, so tools are available on sight and can be taken over immediately. After an exhibition, another delivery with all the tools ordered and assured with a down payment during the show is imported. This to make sure that you get your tools, you made a down payment for, at the agreed delivery date. Even if the delivery date is three months after the show. What we save on extra storage costs or other logistic expenses, we pass onto you directly. Only at our stand you can make sure to get our tools at the best possible conditions, including all costs (Transport costs & import costs). Important: When you order at the show, agreed prices are binding for us, no matter if the changing rate varies – The rate risk is on us!

The advantages for buying or ordering during a show are clear:

  • Best price guaranty
  • All costs included
  • The goods are already imported
  • No extra costs
  • Payable in your currency
  • With a 30% down payment you decide the delivery date up to three months in advance – at best price
  • Rate risk is on us

You can order also directly with us. Due to increased costs for individual purchase orders, your price will be very similar to the price we offer at the show. To this price you have to add shipping costs (Airfreight) and expenses for possible certificates or documents, which might be necessary for the import process to your country. Importing the goods is your own responsibility.

Note: In many countries outside the European Community you are obliged by law to rely on customs agencies to import the goods for you. Apart of the local sales tax, which is in most cases comparable to the VAT, import costs and other administration fees must be paid at import. Depending on the country and its import regime, these extra expenses can push the list price significantly.

Delivery time: Collective purchase orders sent from our salesmen immediately after an exhibition are rated highest priority. They must be shipped as soon as possible, and our focus is on them. An individual purchase order is rated lower priority, and sometimes delivery times of up to eight weeks can result.

To be considered if purchasing after an exhibition:

  • List price – ex works
  • Import is your responsibility
  • Customs agent
  • Costs for certificates & oficial documents on your behalf
  • Shipping costs & import costs on your behalf
  • Payable in Euro – 100% prepayment requested
  • Delivery time