F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Should the one or other question not be answered to your full satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

How do I buy at the exhibition?

Once you made up your mind during the show, a purchase contract will be established between EISENKRAFT® and you as a customer. With a down payment you confirm your decision and you tell us when you want the machines to be delivered. At the agreed delivery date our After Sales Service will deliver the machines against payment of the outstanding amount to you. From this moment on you can claim your 2 (two) years guaranty. Register on our Website and your guaranty will be extended to 3 (three) years. Who makes up his mind quickly and wants to save some extra money apart from the best price guaranteed, can reserve the demonstration machines from our stand. These are new machines, unpacked for the show only and shown during the exhibition. They might show slight scratches due to usage, but they are literally new and proven by our technicians at the show. Often an extra discount for cash payment is offered, and makes you save in the end up to 15% of the original sales price. Payment can be done by credit card, by bank transfer to our After Sales Service  account or in cash.

Why can I buy EISENKRAFT® only in exhibitions at best prices?

Our long term experience shows that a very determining factor in the decision to buy is the price. Based on the experience, the market development and recommendations of our partner companies, we supply a certain number of EISENKRAFT® sets to equip an exhibition stand. Our ASS imports the goods to have them ready for sale and immediate delivery at the exhibition. To import a larger quantity of tools within a consolidated shipment involves less costs than shipping individual orders to customers. These costs savings we pass over to you as a customer by offering the best price guaranteed. Individual purchase orders create the same logistic effort, but in relation they are significantly more expensive than shipping collective orders.

Are machines always available at the exhibition stand, and can I take them with me immediately once purchased?

Except the demonstration machines, all purchased tools according to availability and exhibition rules can be taken from our stand. The demonstration machine can only be taken at the end of a show. It can happen, that towards the end of a show, no more tools are available for immediate delivery. In this case you can order your EISENKRAFT® tools set at our guaranteed best price, and you will receive bespoke order with the second delivery, which will be effected immediately after the exhibition. This takes, depending on the destination country and its customs procedures, between three to five weeks from the end of an exhibition. To reserve a machine a 30% down payment must be effected while the balance is payable upon receipt of the goods.

What if I have the money only in three months or so?

Don´t worry, you can place your order leaving a downpayment at our stand! Then you have three months to pay the rest amount and to get your tools at our After Sales Service office. The price will not vary – the change rate risk is on us during this period. This is the way, how to make sure not to loose the opportunity and miss our promotion from the show.

What if after three months I cannot pay the balance, what happens with my down payment?

Just ask for a payment extension of one or two months. Your EISENKRAFT® tools system is already at our After Sales Service office waiting for you to be released. However, the conditions will be adapted to the actual changing rate and the risk then will be on your side. If even this is not of help, you will loose your down payment.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this payment facility. In Brazil and Mexico these payment facilities are offered, but this is subject to our After Sales Service decision.

How can I see, where EISENKRAFT® will particpate in which exhibition?

Under „Exhibitions“ you can find a preview of our activities. They are constantly updated.

Can I order directly from EISENKRAFT®

See     Price & Order

Attention: EXTRA import / customs COSTS

Do I have to import the goods by myself?

Yes, we only deliver individual orders to an international airport

How much are the import costs?

We only ship complete EISENKRAFT® Workshops (Universal set) by airfreight. A door to door delivery is not offered. Import costs depend of the destination country, sometimes they can reach a 100% of the invoiced amount. Please inform yourself and ask your customs agent before you order – this can help to avoid negative surprises!

Do I have to pay in advance?

The offer to be received needs to be paid 100% in advance – payment can be done by bank transfer,  credit card or Paypal. Only by placing an order in an exhibition, your down payment is done in local currency, while the rest payment needs to be assured upon arrival of the goods.

Do you have an EISENKRAFT® dealer network in my country?

No, we do not work with a dealer network, since we offer directly ex works or from our exhibition stand.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a dealer network?

A dealer network would require full warehouses in all countries we exhibit. As a consequence our stock must be much higher than the one we actually manage. At present, we produce according to our order books and control perfectly our costs. To stock tools everywhere we are exhibiting, would mean to blow up our costs exponentially. High import costs, which must be pre-financed, not considering rental costs, labour costs and marketing costs, would give an insane boost to our prices. Then we would have to throw our idea of „small is beautiful“ over board. Our idea is to offer fantastic tools with perfect service and to keep contact as far as it is possible to our estimated customers – what we do, we do with passion and our heart!

Why it is not possible to buy at the After Sales Service office?

Our After Sales Service Offices does not stock EISENKRAFT® tools. If you are a proud owner of bespoke tool sets, than our After Sales Service has all the spare parts you might need. There is no need for you to contact us in Austria to get hold of a broken part. In most cases it is much faster to contact our ASS for spare parts than ordering them at our office in Austria.